Services & Plans

A brief overview of the types of service we provide, followed by a description of our three tiers of service plans.

As an independent Northwest company, we our invested in the success of the health care providers we serve. We see ourselves as a service company that sells industry-leading radiology solutions. With this focus in mind, we have developed a robust range of support services that are delivered by our expert, factory-trained service specialists.

Equipment Support

Our 3- and 5-year Service Contracts help you get the most out of your investment over the long-term and ensure the least possible downtime for your critical imaging systems.

  • 30-minute service response times and 24/7 on-call availability
  • Remote connectivity - many issues can be diagnosed and resolved remotely
  • Clinical Engineering Parts Support
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Relocations
  • Free software updates and training
  • Rent / Loaner program for digital x-rays systems when equipment is out of service
  • Certified, always calibrated test equipment
  • Keep critical parts in local parts depot, including x-ray tubes

Applications & Training

We are committed to ensuring that technological advancement does not replace technical proficiency. While most other service companies don’t offer application support, we see continuous internal and customer education as a priority that is central to our vision. Core can provide:

  • Proprietary software, user training and user support
  • Factory training by certified engineers
  • Connectivity & Security: latest firewalls, threat management
  • VA, military, Biomedical, clinical engineering, super user training
  • Wiki support site
  • Training at Core and onsite at customer location

Level 1: Access

Following the one-year warranty on our customer’s equipment, Core Medical Imaging’s ACCESS service level provides our customer’s with two service options:

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Only

The PM Only service contract performs the most essential service requirement specified by the manufacturer, which is the Preventative Maintenance equipment inspection and service. This service ensures that the customer's new equipment is:

  • Operating in accordance with the manufacturers specifications
  • electrical and mechanical calibrations performed
  • Cleaned and lubricated
  • Compliant with FDA regulations for accurate X-ray output, proper beam limiting function, installed safety modifications and more

Parts Only

X-ray systems are complex and expensive pieces of equipment that have electrical, electronic, and mechanical components that wear due to use over time. However, heavy usage, improper service or misuse can accelerate the need for replacement parts.

Parts Only service provides our customers with a way to reduce the cost of parts replacement and effectively budget for those costs. This program can be customized to cover some or all of the replacement of defective parts on their equipment that fail due to normal wear and tear.

Level 2: Partnership

Following the one-year warranty on equipment, our PARTNERSHIP service level provides responsive and collaborative service options that enable our customers to receive a discount on Core Medical Imaging’s Total Care Service Contract by utilizing their in-house imaging engineer.

1st Call Service

The 1st Call Service Contract is a partnership between Core Medical Imaging and our customer. The first step of the program provides the in-house imaging engineer with 3 hours of on the job training. Once the in-house imaging engineer has been trained, this engineer will be the first to respond to all service calls. While responding to the service call, the engineer will be on site working with a Core Medical Imaging service engineer (over the phone) to trouble shoot and resolve the service issue. If both engineers determine that it is necessary for a Core Medical engineer to be on site, then an engineer will be dispatched. Of course, telephone support from Core Medical Imaging will be available 24/7.

Advanced 1st Call Service

The Advanced 1st Call Service Contract requires that the customer’s in-house imaging service engineer has been factory trained and certified on the Canon CXDI and Shimadzu systems. This engineer will be the first responder to all service calls. The in-house engineer will have been on site for a minimum of two hours prior to requesting on-site support from Core Medical Imaging. Of course, telephone support from Core Medical Imaging will be available 24/7.

Level 3: Total Care

Following the one-year warranty on our customer’s equipment, Core Medical Imaging’s TOTAL CARE service level provides our customers with our premium Total Care Service Contract (full service) program and renowned response time. This includes:

  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections per manufacturer specifications during contract hours
  • Labor and Travel included for all emergency and remedial service calls during contract hours
  • All Replacement Parts required to maintain the system to the manufacturer's specifications, including options to include high cost replacement parts such as glassware (X-ray tubes) and detectors

(NOTE: Parts damaged due fire, misuse, abuse, fluid damage, etc. will not be covered.)

Total Care Options:

  • IT Support
  • Digital detector drop coverage insurance
  • Equipment relocation services
  • Site planning services
  • Equipment rental services

Speak to a Service Rep

800-809-XRAY (9729)


We have worked with Shimadzu (formally Core Medical) for years and have always been happy with their service. Even though we are a smaller rural hospital they have never made us feel less important than larger, busier facilities. When it came to upgrading our radiology room we knew we wanted to continue working with Shimadzu.
Veronica Cruz, Radiology Department Manager Quincy Valley Medical Center
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