Mobile C-arm

The OSCAR 15 is a culmination of several years worth of developmental experience from Genoray. With CMOS imaging excellence & 15kW HFG, your diagnosis needs will be met while improving your productivity, especially DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography). Examples of clinical applications include cholangiography, endoscopy, urologic, orthopedic, neurologic, vascular, cardiac, and critical care. 

Product Features

Exceptional Image Quality

  • With an optimal flat panel detector size of 26 x 26cm, you won’t miss a thing with its high-quality resolution. It makes accurate diagnosis in a variety of departments, especially DSA.

Low Dose Mode      

  • Low-dose mode is designed to acquire a reasonable image to diagnose the patient with a minimum dosage.

Edge Enhancement

  • For users to get more accurate diagnosis results, enhancing the edge of the image.

Motion Correction

  • This function detects movement and reduces the after-image while exposing the X-ray.

Metal Correction

  • To prevent over-dose radiation or low-quality images caused by metal interruption on the field of view.

Virtual Collimator

  • The virtual collimator allows for the selection of your desired field of view while reducing the amount of radiation exposure by limiting the X-ray beam.

Auto Collimation

  • Prevention of unnecessary X-ray exposure by focusing on the area of interest while automatically collimating the remaining areas.

Product Specifications


  • 260 x 260 mm CMOS Type Flat-Panel detector for distortion-free imaging (High resolution images, Wide FOV, Low Noise)
  • 15kW HFG
  • 4″Touch LCD monitor
  • 43″ LCD Monitor
  • Dual Foot Switch
  • DICOM 3.0 -CD/DVD Burner – USB Port
  • 800mm free space and 150° (+90°,-60°) orbital rotation, SID 1,000mm
  • 155º Dynamic Orbital Rotation
  • 2 kW Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube
  • 5 Million Images Storage Capacity

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